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1st Pencil Negotiation Strategy Solution

1St Pencil Overview

Short 3 minutes video that will show you the new pencil tool from Guest Concepts

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Frequently Asked Questions (PDF format):

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What we guarantee:

  • Fastest Desking tool available. Work 10 deals at one time in less than 2 minutes.
  • TYPICAL results increase your gross $300-$600 per vehicle sold
  • Used by more than 256 dealership nationwide including Galpin Ford the #1 volume dealer in America.
  • GUARANTEED to increase your closing rate and customer satisfaction.
  • GUARANTEED to speed up the clossing process which in terms...Increases the closing rate!
  • Month to Month contract at a low price of only $795 per month - NO LONG TERM COMMITMENT. We are so convinced that you will be so impressed by the 1st Pencil tool results that we don't need you to commit to months and years of our service.
  • Already in a long term contract? Take a look at our gross increase as 1st pencil will pay for both programs and make you more money.
  •  Designed to converts Internet leads to floor traffic!
  • The software can Desk all your new cars with multiple terms, with rebates, without rebates, with special APR's and leases in less than 20 seconds. .
  • And so much more...Please let us present you with a 15 minutes live demostration at your convenience!!!

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