Xbox One Specialist

Some people call me the C.E.O. but I'll always just be an Xbox one specialist. I don't really work; I just spend time with my daughter and play video games. If you need something done, don't come to me, ask someone from the squad below.

Billy Gene C.E.O

Running amok!

4 of OZ
Four Mascot

I am the son of 2 teachers who grew up in Santee, CA. I played football for Jim Harbaugh at USD, where I studied history. I ran a DJ business in college, which coincidentally was the first time me and Billy teamed up, orchestrating and promoting USD parties and events. In my free time you can usually find me with a fishing reel in my hand hooked up to a huge yellowtail or tuna.

Copp VP

My son is #1 in my life. I was born and raised in San Diego. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and playing/watching sports. Iím laid back, Iím also a national champion in college football.

Mona VP of Business Development

When I’m not kicking Billy’s butt into high gear, I’m pretty boring and enjoy some good zzZz or catching an episode of The People’s Court. When I want to make it interesting, I enjoy a good vodka, taking in the sights on hikes or walks by the beach and dance like nobody is watching.

Right Hand
Right Hand Executive Project Manager

I was born and raised on the coastal side of southern California, and grew up as a beach baby enjoying all things under the sun. I received my TESL certification where I taught English as a second language in Thailand. After graduating college, I lived in NYC, but eventually came back to San Diego in 2012. I now live with my husband and 2 babies, whom I adore and take tons of instagram pictures of!

Mom VP of Partnerships

I donít have time for anyoneís shit. My main role is to make sure all of our clients (and our own) campaigns are successful and to develop new hot fire strategies. Iím a San Diego native, and I enjoy yoga, cooking, and trying new foods. If Iím not at work, I can either be found in North Park or hanging out with my grandma.

Rex Chief of Campaign Development

When Iím not at work, I enjoy a generous glass of red wine and a personal sushi platter while catching up onmy favorite shows. If that isnít the case, I can be found at either A. concerts (solo or with friends) B. my sisterís house playing with her dogs or C. traveling. And we canít forget that I make a mean pumpkin pie!

Twinkie Account Manager

Iím a San Diego native and a UCLA Bruin. Iím an animal lover, Netflix binger, donut enthusiast and BeyHive Member #QueenBey. My favorite quote is “To infinity and beyond!” -Buzz Lightyear

Sunshine Account Manager

I go by the name NOSO, in case you didn’t already know so. Originally from the Bay Area, but you can now find me enjoying San Diego’s finest weather. Some of my hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I’m not working or eating, I’m probably feeding into my undying love for live music or lipstick.

Noso Account Manager

I am a happy cynic. I was born in raised in Downey, California; the birthplace of the Apollo space program. I interact with our students around the world, and customer service is my #1 priority. I can usually be found snowboarding, hanging with my two huskies, sleeping, having brunch or playing video games.

Kadabra CAMP Counselor

I was born and raised in Alabama (ROLL TIDE!), but I’ve always been a California girl at heart. I love all things social media. I’m a traveler, wino, & Lab mom. When I’m not bleeping out Billy’s cuss words, I enjoy hanging by the beach and watching TV shows.

Alabama Social Media Manager

Raised in San Diego, but schooled in the Bay Areaaaaaa (E-40 voice). I’m always excited about something, and I really don’t have time for anyone’s negative perspective. Time is pretty damn valuable and I’m making the most of it by learning a little something from everyone and implementing it. Business in front, party in the back.. I’m a music enthusiast. If I’m not working I’m probably making playlists, mixes, or at a show.

Sasha Fierce
Sasha Fierce Lead Management Manager

Born & raised in San Diego, CA. I am an artist and my goal as an artist is to give you music that you can USE when you need it the most. I went to college in the Bronx for 4 years that’s where I developed the most as an artist. I also do a lot of filming and video editing. When I’m not hustlin’, I’m traveling or hanging out with my dog Rio!

B-Ry Director Of Cinematography

Born in San Diego, In my spare time I like to travel so I can do the things I love like Scuba Dive and Snowboard but family is most important. I do a lot of filming and editing to make Billy look good #toughjobbutsomeonehastodoit

Pauly Molly
Pauly Molly Video Vixen

Born in San Diego, CA. but raised in Seattle, WA. After 6 years in the Navy I moved back to Sunny San Diego be around family & go to school. Graduated from San Diego State University. My son Preston was just born & he means the world to me. I love anything sports related & still represent pretty tough for everything Seattle. I also have been known to give out lessons in NBA 2k, FIFA, Madden, etc. Iíve been beating Billy in everything XBOX since 2001.

L-Dub Community Manager

I was born and raised in Northern California and have lived in San Diego for more than 25 years. I’m married to an awesome woman and we have 2 beautiful daughters, who thankfully look like their mom. When not working, I’m either on the soccer pitch or softball field with my kids, surfing, eating, drinking coffee, playing board games or planning our next vacation.

Uncle Rob
Uncle Rob SEO Ninja

I grew up in Ithaca, NY and have been an internet marketing nerd for the past 8 years. When I’m not building cool campaigns online, I love spending time with my wife and little girl or out training for my next triathlon.

B YouTube Jedi

Raised in Montana. I spent summers riding horses, wishing it was summer in the winter. I attended the University of Montana for Creative Writing then headed to Dallas for travel agent training. I’ve been to all 50 states, and 5 continents. Now, I live in CO. Iím a certified direct-response & SEO copywriter and paid-traffic strategist. When Iím not writing, Iím gone fishing, riding, camping, or traveling with my husband and 3 awesome sons.

Auntie Kammy
Auntie Kammy Blog Boss