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Here are your promo tools for Fusionology Elite...

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You'll receive a whopping 75% sales commissions on ALL 3 levels: front-end, 2 powerful One Time Offers (OTOs) and a must need Internet Marketing membership (coming soon).

In short - you can potentially get paid in 3 different ways all at once simply by sending visitors to our "Fusionology" program!

1: Elite Program: You'll get 75% of $27

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4: Membership: Coming Soon

Potential Income

One Sale Per Day = $33,123.75 Extra Income

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Four Sales Per Day = $132,495 Extra Income

Five Sales Per Day = $165,618.75 Extra Income

  • Unlimited Income
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Step 1:

Click Here to Get your Affiliate Link

Step 2:

Enter your Affiliate Link generated from Paydotcom below and hit the "Submit >>" Button.


This Will Be Your Affiliate Link

Note: You can potentially trigger a cash avalanche once YOU refer sign-ups to the extremely high converting "Fusionology" product using this link - it's that simple!

You don't have to do anything else to earn these commissions - it's all set to work automatically. And all you need to do to start your '3 way' commission explosion is to send visitors to "Fusionology" using your affiliate link!


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Signature File Ads

If you use Yahoo, MSN, your own domain, or even AOL, then feel free to add these signatures to the bottoms of all of your outgoing emails. Simply go to your email preferences TAB and integrate these signatures to your emails and watch your commissions explode!

They can also be exploited in Forums as most people after often leave their signature file after posting a message.

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Choose Any From The Following Four Options, Or Make Your Own
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Sample Text Ad Campaigns

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5 Good Reasons To Promote
Fusionology Elite


High Conversion: We have one of the highest conversions in the industry.


Great Product: Fusionology Elite have been well receive all over the world with ultra low refund rate.


Great Customers Support: Our super fast 24 hour support is what keeps our customers coming back to buy from us again and again.


Multiple Funnel: One of the magic in Fusionology Elite is the multiple niche funnel that will create extra stream of incomes for you with NO additional efforts.


We Care About You: Any questions, or any problems, just contact our Affiliate Manager and we will sort it out for you immediately. We will do whatever we can to help you succeed.

Your Success Story Starts Today...

Now you have every tool and resource imaginable to make a serious amount of passive monthly income simply by promoting Fusionology!

Keep this in mind...

You will earn easy commission for every person you refer to Fusionology Elite. Simply use the tools on this page and you can easily hit the 5-figure income mark within your first month, guaranteed.

Your success story starts today!


Wishing Health, Wealth & Happiness!

Joe Guty






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