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Reason For Joining Us

Now You Can Easily Build Custom Fan Pages And Viral Applications Just Like The Fortune 500 Companies!

Use these applications for your own business or make a lot of money helping other businesses from Facebook new changes...
  • Need Facebook Business Pages And Viral Applications to set up quickly with a particular theme in mind? I mean, quickly as in a snap of the fingers, but keeping the high quality and focus? Then you will definitely enjoy the ability to create custom Fan pages and viral applications to fill your arsenal so that you are fully prepared for any new projects and business opportunities that come by! Don't have a business but want to make a lot of money while helping business owners?
  • The REAL power of FBXTABS is the ability to instantly implement Facebook Social Plug-ins. Every function of Facebook such as Like, Invite, Share, Comments, Downloads from Facebook, Opt-in list without forms, give away free stuff for promotions, special events, webinars and many more hot applications that you can retool and reshape according to your whims and exact standards! No more plain Jane Facebook pages! Create a dynamic, attractive and tailor-made experience for visitors to your Facebook Page! Wow, sizzle and dazzle and watch it go Wildly VIRAL!
  • Not only that, we have already prepared for you several stunning templates to get you started!
  • How can we forget the essential and ubiquitous like-gating? This feature is directly built-in into our app! Plus, it is intuitive to use and handle!
  • FBXTABS is very intuitive and simple to understand such that even a child can use it! FBXTABS, stacks and columns are all neatly arranged on our apps and allow for massive customization with inclusion of images, text, videos and buttons!
  • Custom CSS and HTML functionality! No more complicated manual coding, let our app do the job for you! Customize padding, background color, text color, font, alignment and more!
  • Custom CSS and HTML not enough? How about custom javascript? We got that covered too!
  • Include ANY kind of video in your Page ANYWHERE!
  • More on videos: You can embed videos from the popular video sites on the Web such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and Veoh! Or, you can make your own custom video codes like using Videoplayer! The choice is yours!
  • Build Pages geared for a specific purpose easily and on the fly!
  • Want a page for affiliate marketing? Network Marketing? Local Business? We got that, including the necessary functions such as tracking URLS and top links, with these apps.
  • The conversion rate is high because friends trust friends. This is the power of Facebook!
  • Increase Edgerank of your Pages with our apps! This is done because our app increases the chance that your Posts are seen by your customers, potential customers, and friends of your customers on their walls. We call this maximizing your News Feed Optimization (NFO). Catapult past your clueless competitors to the top!
  • Our app has been proven, over and over, to increase Page Likes exponentially. This is accomplished through our unique, intuitive, responsive and highly customizable apps backed by a professional team of marketers and coders who are among the FIRST pioneers in the Facebook marketing niche.
  • Monster customization of every aspect of unlimited number of Facebook pages!
  • Comply with the latest Facebook changes, SSL included, free hosting, and more!
  • Build Facebook Pages like a Fortune 500 company while making insane amount of money helping other businesses or applying these viral applications to your own business!

Why are viral campaigns so massively effective on Facebook?

Think about it: There are currently 700 million users on Facebook, and the number is growing. But those are just merely numbers and statistics until you take into consideration the fact that people on Facebook share many personal, trusted details there. What this means is that the trust among the users is already established. People buy certain products based on friends’ recommendations. This is a fact. Imagine if just ONE person comes to your Page and is blown away by it and he LIKES your page. Immediately 300 of his friends will get the update and, because of his or her recommendation, go to your page and LIKE it as well. And they do the same to their friends! This is a massive, cascading viral effect!  

FB is making some critical changes this year and for those businesses that do not comply with these changes, most likely their business page will go down!                  

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